Spring Community Center Show

Happy Spring, GAL members!
You are invited to exhibit your work at our spring show at the Guilford Community Center, 32 Church St. Drop off is next Friday, April 14, 10–11 am, in the upstairs Menunkatuck Room.
Each artist can bring 1–2 pieces, appropriately framed and ready to hang. Click here for the identification tag; tags will also be available in the Menunkatuck Room.
If you had work hanging in the winter show, please plan to pick it up at the same time. If you can’t come then, please ask a friend to collect your paintings, or let us know that you will be arriving late so we can leave them in a specified corner of the room for you to retrieve later.
For those of you who are new members, the Guilford Art League has had seasonal exhibits at the community center for many years. The Menunkatuck Room is used daily by a wide variety of community groups, and our works also are shown in the stairwell and downstairs hallway, where even more people see them. We regularly sell work from these shows, although you may list your work as Not For Sale.

We look forward to seeing lots of you picking up your paintings from the winter show and delivering new works!

Thank you,
Joan McPherson, 203-245-9856, mcphersonjls01@gmail.com
Sandy Kensler, 203-421-5708, sandrakensler@yahoo.com, co-chairs

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