Guilford Art League Expo Exhibit & Sale on the Guilford Green, July 15–17

For the first time since 2019 we will be holding our exhibit and sale on the Guilford Green in conjunction with the Guilford Art Center’s Craft Expo. This is a three-day event where our members can show and sell their work. The dates are Friday–Sunday, July 15–17, 2022.

After the two-year hiatus because of COVID, we are opening the show to all members instead of just full members. We invite anyone who is interested in selling their work to set up a table or tent and to meet some of the thousands of visitors who come to see our show as well as the Craft Expo. Ten-by-ten-foot spaces are available.

If you would like to participate, please send the application form below directly to our Expo coordinator Jodi Marra by June 1 (address below).

Details—Please read carefully!

Dates: July 15–17, 2022 (Friday–Sunday), rain or shine
Location: North end of the Guilford Green
Eligibility: All GAL members whose 2022 dues are paid
Work to show: Fine art only. NO crafts, jewelry, furniture, or photographs
Entry fee: $50 paid to GAL by June 1, 2022
Commission: 10% of all sales paid to GAL by August 1, 2022
Overnight: Your artworks can be moved to a large enclosed tent with a night watchman
Sharing a space: If two artists wish to share a 10×10-foot exhibit space, both need to apply and indicate that they will share and with whom.

Application form: Click here for the application form.

Set up: 
• Spaces will be assigned by Jodi Marra at 6–7 pm, Thursday, July 14. You must arrive to set up during this period only.
• Unload and set up tents and display racks on Thursday, July 14, at 6 pm on Park Street, across from the library. YOU CANNOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE ONTO THE GREEN.
• As soon as you have unloaded your things onto the green, immediately move your car to the parking lot behind the Town Hall, 31 Park Street, because others will need those parking spaces.
• There will be carts available to help you move your things to your assigned spot.
• Unload your artwork in the same manner on Friday morning BUT on the opposite side of the green on Whitfield Street. Do not stop or park on Broad Street to load and unload at any time.
• You can store your artwork in the big tent on Friday and Saturday nights for safekeeping.
• If you have someone helping you load or unload, you must have a way to contact them in case there is a change in plans.
• There can be no retail type signs indicating reduced prices. No pets may accompany the artists. No rugs or mats may be used in the tent or exhibit space.

Contact Jodi Marra, 203-453-9908, or 732-310-6233, or

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