Guilford Art League 73rd Annual Juried Show

Guilford Art League 73rd Annual Juried Show

September 13 – October 2, 2021

A Juried Show for Connecticut Artists
Lenny Moskowitz, Juror

The Gallery at Guilford Art Center
411 Church Street, Route 77, Guilford, CT
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday  – 4pm

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An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, September 17 from 6 – 8pm, with beverages, live music, and award presentations.

GAL will follow GAL and GAC follow COVID protocols – visitors should wear masks and observe social distancing protocols – visitors should wear masks and observe social distancing.

Accepted Work

Ralph Acosta, Sturgeon
Del-Bouree Bach, Penny Wise
Christine Bekasi, It Is Only an Illusion
Edward Bishop, Lindsay & Company
Terry Bogan, Lilac Impression
Marsha Borden, Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong
Marsha Borden, Oh, Leaf Me Alone
Helen Cantrell, The Wolf at the Door
Denise Casey, Sisters
Diane Chandler, Regal
Richard Christofferson, Sailors’ Delight
Richard Christofferson, Poppies on Mill Road
Anne Coffey, Late August on Big Moose Lake
Anne Coffey, Pi
Sheila Creed, Y.A.G. African 1
Steffen E. Cretella, Blissful
Wendy Cretella, Pink Tulips
Richard Cretella, Fantasia
Ralph DiLauro, American Skyline
Keith Dobran, Solitary
Marian Doherty, Open
Jim Durkin, Downy Woodpecker
Mike Eagle, Solstice
Mike Eagle, Above the Baldwin, Autumn
Betsey Evarts, Emily’s Red Ribbon
Betsey Evarts, Miles to Go
Gail Friedland, Aristotle
Gail Friedland, Plato
Philip Goetz, String Zoom 02
Timothee Graze, The Weight of Water
Timothee Graze, Waiting and Watching
Gwen Gunn, Lene Two
Eric Hedberg, You’re Innocent When you Dream
Mary L. Horan, In the Garden
Alan Horwitz, Ornament
Fernn Hubbard, Blue Barn
Sheila Kaczmarek, Non-Talking Heads
Sandra Kensler, Cathedral Woods
Sandra Kensler, Out to Sea
Kathryn A. King, Beach Day
Wendy Kohli, Matisse Twice Removed
Paul Kuziel, Bradley Diner
Paul Kuziel, Autumn Francine
Charles Lagana, Looking at the Future
Charles Lagana, The Gathering
Layne, Standing Tall in Saffron
Melody Knight Leary, Gifts
Lillian Levine, Scrambled
Lillian Levine, Dark Mystery
Edwin O. Lomerson III, The C.R.E.C. Building
Dolores Marchese, GHC EXPO Pottery Demo
E. S. Matthias Jr., Beach and Barn
E. S. Matthias Jr., Womanwood
Rosemary McClain, The Watching Bird
Rosemary McClain, Cactus Flower
William Meddick, Caution, Rt. 146
John Murray, Gloucester Boats
John Murray, Portsmouth South End
Paul Fitzpatrick Nager, Early On In
Susan Nichols, Garden I
Eileen O’Donnell, There She Lay
Ava Orphanoudakis, Connecting in Space:Outside In, Inside Out
Scott Paterson, Summer Reading
Joe Patria, The Maestro
Chris and Liz Grace Penry, Taylor’s Dress
Diana Perron, Two Cars in Snow
Anne B. Pierson, Fabrics of the Orient
Merilee Pritchard, Intentions #2
Vasil Rakaj, Martin Luther King
Nancy Lou Riccio, North Hadley Market
Joseph Roberti, Cascade
Rae Robinson, A Memorial to the Miners Lost, Wilkes Barre PA
Fred Rosenthal, Wild Icelandic Horses
Fred Rosenthal, Purple Lilies
Beverly A. Schirmeier, Sun Gazing
Beverly A. Schirmeier, Midas Touch
Elizabeth Hundt Scott, Untitled
Patricia Seekamp, Last Light’s Glow
Patricia Seekamp, Enders Falls
Patricia Seekamp, Water Lilies on Bishop’s Pond
Brooke Sheldon, Etude
Lorelei Sowa, Golden Marsh
Lorelei Sowa, Colors of Summer
Thomas Stavovy, Proscenium
Thomas Stavovy, Parfait Pro
Heidi Straube, Bliss Before Bedtime
Len Swec, Pippo’s
Aaron Tessler, Untitled #2
Aaron Tessler, Untitled #1
Doug Toth, Children’s Playground
Doug Toth, Untitled
Nikki Travaglino, Aqua Chrome
Nikki Travaglino, Crimson Chrome
Frances Violante, Awakening
Frances Violante, Spire
Maya Vulinovic, Thousand Yard Stare
Maya Vulinovic, Fishnet
Marja Watson, Picnic
Marja Watson, Drive Through
Brian Wendler, Front Street
Cheri Weymann, Birth
Karen Wiesner, On the Way Home
Maureen Wilkinson, Memories
Nancy Wood, Akicita
Nancy Wood, Honest Abe