Guilford Art League May News & Events

Greetings to all GAL members!

I hope 2021 is proving to be a better year that the last—creatively, socially, and healthwise. The Art League was under lockdown for most of the last 14 months after the member show and community center shows, which were installed in March 2020 and which no one got to see! And, of course, we did not have EXPO or the juried show last year.

Menunkatuck Room—We did put up our Menunkatuck Room show at the community center this past March, which will be changed in June. We don’t have exact dates yet, but Anne Coffey will let you all know as soon as she gets the OK from the Community Center people.

EXPO—Guilford Art Center will not be holding their annual craft EXPO in July, so we will not be showing on the green either.

Juried Show—September 13 – October 2
However, we’re thrilled to report that we will be holding our annual juried show in September at the Guilford Art Center! New Haven artist Lenny Moskowitz will be our juror this year, and we look forward to a great show in the Mill Gallery. We are not sure about the possibility of an opening reception but will see how things go during the summer and will send out details of information regarding masks and social distancing, etc., later in the summer.

Do reserve Saturday September 11 for receiving. The show will be open from Tuesday, September 13, through Saturday, October 2. As usual we need an ample supply of willing volunteers to help with the juried show, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you can help out. Please email me or call 203-453-0121.

Dues—We did not ask for membership dues this year as we didn’t have any expenditures but we will reinstate dues beginning next January.

Guilford Free Library Spring Book Sales—Next Saturday, May 15, 10 am–1 pm, the library’s outdoor book sale will feature ART and ART TECHNIQUES, so be sure to check it out.
Hope you all have a productive and creative summer with some exciting new work ready to be submitted in September.

Sheila Kaczmarek

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